The Phantom Holocaust

“Falsehood flies and the truth comes limping after it.”
Jonathan Swift, The Examiner, Nov. 9, 1710

Unlike the Nazi holocaust the Feminazi Holocaust is a phantom event which never occurred. It is the false belief that Catholic Nuns were murdering illegitimate children through neglect in order to keep Irish society's dirty little secret, secret. Had anyone ever stopped to ask some basic but pertinent questions, the truth would have easily revealed itself. The first question is what was in it for the nuns?

Baby Farmers as they were called in Britain and named Angel Makers in the protestant lands of Europe were people who would dispose of unwanted children for a fee. Accordingly it raises the question were the nuns getting paid to dispose of bastards and if so did they spend the money on a lavish lifestyle?

FeminNazi Hysteria
It was the slowest "holocaust" ever in history. At Tuam and in other Mother and Baby homes children died at the rate of about two per month. A little over five years ago, new born infants died a the same rate in Northern Ireland but were the gutter press there calling it a baby holocaust?

Why go to the bother of nursing infants, giving them useless things like a name when they were going to be discarded anyway. The river in many pre-Christian territories was the choice of vehicle for the time honoured tradition of unwanted baby disposal. The River Clare in Tuam is well resourced by nature to provide this service free of charge. Why didn’t the nuns use it? Murder over the long term is murder, look at all the work like having to find 1.8 graves/disposal sites per month. Surely the sisters would have copped on that the home’s heating boiler would make the best baby disposal device, one which leaves no evidence of a crime. If this is “Ireland’s Holocaust” where are the crematoriums?

Beware of amateur historians!  All 796 deaths are certified and all causes of death were also certified by a medical professional. Despite the importance this information it was not published on Catherine Corless' list of names taken from death certificates and carried by several news outlets. It means that if the "holocaust" claims could hold water, then the medical profession of the day was involved in the cover-up of murder through neglect. The reality is that conspiracy theory is getting just a bit bigger and madder.

Everyone in Tuam including Catherine Corless knew that the plot of land was a children’s cemetery. That’s why the builders of the housing estate were careful not to disturb that particular plot of land. Unmarked workhouse graves were found and dug up in Tuam in 2012 which was genuinely surprising but only the Irish could find it shocking to find human remains in a known but unmarked cemetery.

Unmarked graves are nothing new, there are over one million people buried in several thousand unmarked mass graves at Hart Island in New York. In times past and even today, families who cannot afford to pay for a funeral or burial plot and memorial got/get to avail of a free pauper’s funeral. It’s a cheap and cheerful way for local authorities to prevent dead bodies from spreading disease etc. There is nothing suspicious about burials in these types of mass unmarked graves.

Science tells us that when researchers set out on a project that they will always find what they expect to find even if it does not exist in reality. The scientific method accordingly has several strategies to combat researcher bias, one of which is where the researcher has to try and prove themselves wrong. Testing the null hypothesis is the technical term, which means that if the research question is "the sky is blue" then what must be tested is the question "the sky is not blue". If the null hypothesis cannot be proven then the research question is valid and it stands as an explanation until it is disproved.

On the subject proof... The Irish department of justice stated recently “At this point, the Commission’s investigations in Tuam has found no evidence of suspicious deaths. No criminal investigation is underway.” (Galway Independent Newspaper, Wednesday, 22nd March, 2017)

Never let the truth get in the way of a good prejudice. Imagining victim hood is the central tenet of FemNazism but it bears the same relation to reality as the flying spaghetti monster.

E. Histor

Kate O'Connell - Typical Irish Fantasist.

Kate O'Connell, an Irish parliamentarian has called the people who altruistically cared for and nurtured unmarried mothers and their children, murders. Anyone with half an ounce of sense in Ireland knows that this claim is nothing more than a poisonous fantasy which is not supported by evidence and is the very exemplar of the quality of politicians in Ireland at the moment. The objective of such vile fantasies are to support the illusory victimhood of the Femin-Nazis and thus justify their attacks on males and seek notoriety.

O'Connell is not alone in seeking notoriety, Ireland has been in the grip of this particular mass hysteria for a number of years now. In history, such hysteria is normally blamed on poor working class gombeens but as Ireland is a fairly classless society we find gombeenism reaches across the full gamut of the social classes which includes many judges, barristers, politicians, medics, carpet baggers, road sweepers and academics.

It’s as embarrassing to Ireland as McCarthyism of the 1950s is to the United States. It shows that even in the information age, where good quality information is easily available, many in Ireland remain prone to believing in conspiracy theories. In fact it would not be beyond reason to claim that the Irish are currently the one nation on earth which is most prone to believing in conspiracy theories.

O'Connell fails to apportion blame for the perceived bad treatment of women, (if it existed) to the attitudes of her own family nor has she attributed any blame to her current political party with its history of fascism.  She reserves her ire for the religious people who in Christian charity took unmarried mothers in off the streets, provided them with free health care, qualified nurses and midwives to help them through childbirth and rehabilitate them after.

When mothers abandoned their children, the nuns looked after them, finding them foster homes or were forced into rearing the unwanted children themselves. They did a marvellous job and had the eternal gratitude of the people until along came the current generation of Femin-Nazis who started to imagine all sorts of crazy things and so the witches went hunting these female misogynists.

There is an old aphorism that “if you don’t use your mind, others will use it for you” and this can be seen in O'Connell's rant. She tells us that a programme on the Irish national TV station claimed that 35 children were allowed to die in an orphanage fire in Cavan in 1943 because of the “nuns not wanting them to be seen in their nightgowns”. Had she been given to using her own faculties and doing her own research she would have known that the nuns were not looking after the children when the fire broke out. Thus her statement cannot be true, she let her opinion be given to her by a media outlet sensationalising history, hashtag fake news. #dumbpolitician

You can read the full text of Kate O'Connell poisonous rant here on the Irish Houses of Parliament website.

Village Idiots

“As an atheist, I have no interest in defending the Catholic church. I want to defend science, rationalism, and approach history in a measured way.” - Brendan O’Neill (Irish Times 9 Mar 2017)  

The false notion of starvation is solely based on the appearance of the word “marasmus” on 14 or 2% of the 796 death certificates from the Tuam institution. 14 starved to death is 14 too many but the children were not starved to death. Marasmus is not a euphemism for starvation but the village idiots have made out that it is.

Marasmus is classified as a nutritional disorder. A lack of food or starvation is but one of its causes, infection causing malabsorption of nutrients is frequently co-morbid.

Let's have a look at some real world data to illustrate the depth of ineptitude necessary  in the examination of health statistics in order to draw such mad conclusions.

A survey of death certificates for deaths occurring in NHS hospitals in England and Wales, combining the years 2010 and 2011, reveal that malnutrition was the sole cause of 91 deaths and a contributory factor in 592 deaths.

If Irish “historians” were to get their hands on these statistics there is little doubt that headlines would begin appearing in the gutter press screaming that the Catholic Church and nuns working in the NHS killed these people. The leprechauns have not yet left the building. -  E. Histor.

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Deaths due to Malnutrition

Marasmus on death certificates is often cited by the propagandists of evidence of ill treatment of children, a tool the nuns used to commit infanticide. The definition of Marasmus shows that while it is technically malnutrition there are other causes of malnutrition than starvation. If the nuns were using starvation, they only managed to kill 14 children over the course of 35 years.

Marasmus: A progressive wasting of the body, occurring chiefly in young children and associated with insufficient intake or malabsorption of food. Marasmus is caused by a severe deficiency of nearly all nutrients, especially protein, carbohydrates, and lipids.

Viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections can cause children to take in too few nutrients. Marasmus can develop in children who suffer from weakening conditions such as chronic diarrhoea.

Poverty - Main Cause of Death

Evidence vs Conjecture

It is well attested in all the scientific literature that poverty has significant impact on infant mortality and indeed on child and adult mortality as well. Recent studies from Canada reveal the infant mortality rate in the lowest-income urban neighbourhoods was 66% higher (6.5 deaths per 1000 live births) than in the highest-income urban neighbourhoods (3.9 deaths per 1000 live births).

Well known too is the fact that the drop in infant mortality rates is a relatively recent phenomenon. Take for example this graph below which shows that the infant mortality rates for England in 1930-32. It shows that the poorer classes suffered an infant mortality rate 250% higher than the highest social class. Surprisingly, even though infant mortality rates have dropped massively in the last half of the 20th century it the gap between rich and poor, as reflected by infant mortality data, remains at a staggering 195%.

Ireland was an impoverished country ravished by years of colonial misrule, it had no industry, Britain waged economic war against it and many other factors. It was not until the 1950s that the tide began to turn. Many attribute the decline in infant mortality to the arrival and availability of antibiotics, it was a factor but so too were improving social conditions like provision of modern social housing, water and drainage schemes, the increasing pasteurisation of milk and more.

The empirical data demonstrates that the hysteria around high mortality rates in the past is based on an inability to see historical data in its true context. Thus those lacking in knowledge are forced to anachronistically believe that the conditions of today excited in the past. Mind conjurings like communists under the bed, mass hysteria and witch hunts are not things of the past, especially in 21st century Ireland.

Infant mortality rates of both sexes by father’s social class in England and Wales, 1930/2-2001


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The chart data is taken from Table 4.3 of Roderick Floud, Robert W. Fogel, Bernard Harris, Sok Chul Hong (2011) – The Changing Body Health, Nutrition, and Human Development in the Western World Since 1700. Cambridge University Press.

Misinterpretation of death certificates

A large part of the conspiracy theory surrounding the Tuam Mother and Baby home lies in the misinterpretation of death certificates.

No “holocaust” perpetrators in history have ever sought to have death certificates issued for their victims. We know that 796 babies died at the home, what caused each death, what the name of the person was, if they had access to a doctor or not precisely because correct protocols had been followed and each of the 796 deaths was certified by the state.

The image here is a sample of the “Cause of Death and Duration of Illness Column” from the register of deaths. Note that the top entry gives cause of death and duration of illness. Note also that the word “certified” is written at the bottom of the entry. This means that a doctor has attended the patient while he/she was alive and diagnosed certified him/her as suffering from the stated condition. The duration of the illness also shows when the diagnosis was first made. In this case, it was two years previous.

Note the entries for the two persons below “no medical attendant”. This is a very common feature in all death records prior to the 1950s when numbers began to reduce. It means that the unfortunate sick person and their family were too poor to be able to afford a doctor. Thus that the certifying doctor took an educated guess at the cause but indicated that the cause of death was not certified.

In the case of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home in all 796 cases the cause of death was certified by a doctor. The certifying doctors appointed by the state were the local dispensary doctors.

The conspiracy theory requires that all of these doctors had to be in on the “holocaust” too. The closer one examines the whole holocaust idea, the more preposterous it becomes but then again aren’t all conspiracy theories preposterous.